Our services

The consultants at Thinktrees Ltd. are experts in tree risk management and the assessment of tree stability, specialising in the use of sonic tomography for decay detection. Our services range from specialist tree surgery and tree care to surveys and long-term management plans. We carry out tree surveys and tree inspections for a number of different purposes, including condition and risk management, planning applications and subsidence investigations.

Tree surveyor recording tree attributes

Tree surveys & reports

We undertake tree surveys and prepare reports for a number of purposes... READ MORE

Looking up through the hollow trunk of the 'Twister' oak at Sherwood forest

Veteran tree management

Some trees are of particular importance in terms of the diversity of wildlife that they support. Trees that possess... READ MORE

Tree expert testing a pine tree for decay using an arbotom impulse tomography unit

Sonic Tomography

Decay in trees can weaken wood enough to increase the chance of mechanical failure. However, in many... READ MORE

Arborist using a Soilpick to carry out root collar excavation

Airspade services

Traditionally, when excavation is required within the root zone of a tree, it has been recommended that hand tools... READ MORE

Birch trees at Angelsey Abbey Cambridgeshire

Tree planting & design

Current research suggests that as much as 25% of all tree planting carried out in the public sector actually fails... READ MORE

The partially failed root plate of a beech tree that has re-stabilised

Tree stability testing

Trees, as they age, naturally develop defects. Often these are of little significance in terms of tree safety... READ MORE

Colchester based company Masons Tree Surgery dismantling a Sequoia in Hatfield Heath with the use of a crane

Tree surgery

It is important to exercise caution when deciding which arboricultural contractor to employ. Tree surgery requires knowledge... READ MORE

Close up of a handful of soil

Soil sampling

The physical and chemical properties of soils have an enormous influence on the vegetation that they support... READ MORE

Mulched area around a cedar at Kew Gardens Richmond

Tree care

We adopt a scientific approach to tree care. In addition to visual assessment, we can carry out decay mapping... READ MORE