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Thinktrees Ltd. are tree experts that specialise in the establishment and management of trees in the built environment as well as those in historic landscapes, parks and gardens. With offices in Holme (between Carnforth and Kendal) and Bishop’s Stortford, we are suitably placed to cover much of the northwest, including Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire, as well as the Southeast including Hertfordshire, Essex, London, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Our clients include homeowners, estate management companies, schools, town and parish councils, architects and surveyors. We also provide technical support to tree officers, consultants and other tree care professionals.

As specialist tree consultants, we carry out tree surveys and tree inspections for a number of different purposes, including risk management, planning applications and subsidence investigation. We can provide bespoke reports tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients. Our services also include decay detection through the use of sonic tomography, secondary bat roost surveys, specialist tree surgery, airspading and tree planting.

We also have a particular interest in veteran and ancient trees. Our appreciation of the cultural, historical and – most importantly – the ecological value that they provide inspires our fascination with them and encourages our involvement in their preservation and management. It is our aim to provide a high-quality service that benefits not only our clients but also the environment.

Paul Melarange BSc (Hons) M.Arbor.A

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